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Boguslavskiy tribal speaker "Authority"


        The Ukrainian saddle horse was authorized in October 1990. It was deduced in the state horse-breeding centers, on the stud farms and in collective and state farms of Ukraine.
        Purposeful breeding work on crossing local horses with entered Hungarian, Trakehners and the Hanover stallions began soon after the finishing of the Great Patriotic war. The active participation in creation of breed was taken by D.A.Volkov, A.A.Kalantar, P.A.Deyneka, V.V.Stashensky, I.E.Gotlib, etc.
        Originally selection-breeding work was conducted in the direction of riding-harness horses, and from 1953 riding horses, it has been connected with the development of equestrian sport in Ukraine. In the connection with new problems thoroughbred riding stud-horses and stallions with different parts of Russian riding breed’s blood were involved in the selection process except mentioned above.
        The horses were selected on growth, riding forms, strong constitution, quality of motions and other useful features. The scientific research institute of stock-raising of Forest-steppe and Polesye of Ukraine managed breeding work. The horses were reared in the conditions of stable-pascual maintenance. The best young growth in the age of one and a half years took part in the dressage and in the training under a saddle; 2-years-old horses were tested in even gallops on the Lvov hippodrome, and the horses of three years and older were also used in other kinds of horse-racing competitions.
        As a result of the long purposeful selection in Ukraine the large homogeneous group of sports horses, was created suitable for classical kinds of equestrian sport (dressage, jumping, eventing), equestrian tourism, hire and national games. The horses of this group are widely used in agriculture for transportation of different loads, travelling in automobile cabs and under a saddle. The popularity of horses grew after the XIXth Olympic games (1968) in Mexico.
        The elegance of the ex-terrier whose features are peculiar to Russian riding breed is characteristic for the Ukrainian saddle horses. The Ukrainian saddle horses surpass initial breeds on measurements. Measurements of the stallions written down in the State book are the following. Sm: the height in the withers is 164,3, slanting length of a trunk is 164,2, circumference of breast - 191.2, circumference of metacarpus - 20,8. The basic colours are black, dark bay, bay. The horses are well-behaves, suitable for all kinds of equestrian sport. The Ukrainian saddle horses horse are gladly bought on international auctions.


        It is a breed of the saddle horses distinguished by unsurpassed playfulness, distance and force. It is deduced in England on the boundary of the XVIIth-XVIIIth centuries. In the basis of the breeding work there was a selection of the most quick horses from the number the Arabic and the Central Asian breeds. The greats importance in the deducing of breed belonged to harmonous system of training and tests and the strict control over the origin of animals.
        From 1973 the herd-book is conducted. The horses of thoroughbred riding breed are distinguished with proportional strong, dry, developed constitution with dense muscles, long powerful finitenesses with brightly outlined sinews, a thin skin. The average height in the withers of mares is about 160sm, the circumference of breast is 184sm, circumference of metacarpus is 19,5sm. The head is easy, with large eyes and mobile ears, the neck is long, the breast is deep. he length of corps, as a rule, is equal to the height in withers. The temperament is living, energetic. The colours mainly bay and red, rarer black and grey.
        Only these horses run one kilometer less than for a minute, and the world record is equal to 53 seconds.
        In Russia the thoroughbred saddle horse is deduced within 200 years. Animals are reared on 15 stud farms and on a number of cattle-breeding farms. The best breeding farm is the horse-breeding centre "Voskhod" in Krasnodar territory, reared the series of magnificent runners. This breed was used for the deducing of half-breed riding breeds, and also for the Orlov’s and American trotters.
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